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Is online physical therapy worth it?

Is Online Physical Therapy Worth It? | Agile Virtual PT

Suffering from a physical ailment like back pain? Physical therapy can be a helpful resource. Physical therapy clinicians can help improve patient health using an array of techniques. Some patients may have limited access to in-person physical therapy clinics, though. This is where online physical therapy comes in. Virtual clinics are gaining popularity as a convenient and effective alternative to in-person practices. Telehealth services can encompass many of those offered by physical locations. They can also eliminate barriers of transportation and location. Still, it is important for each person to weigh their options. By considering the different facets of virtual services, you can determine if online physical therapy is right for you.

Online physical therapy or in-person physical therapy?

Despite some differences, the way online physical therapy works is similar to other clinics. Patients will have comprehensive assessments at the start. Afterward, licensed clinicians can develop diagnoses and treatment plans. What sets virtual physical therapy apart is that screenings and treatments can happen remotely. This can offer greater freedom and flexibility to the patient.

One benefit of online physical therapy is that it is not exclusive. Patients can incorporate in-person care into a hybrid treatment plan. Virtual physical therapy providers can help patients find in-person treatments with partner clinics. Even for patients who want a level of in-person care, online physical therapy can be worth it.

Advantages of online physical therapy


  • Convenience — Virtual therapy services are designed to be convenient. Intuitive online tools can make attending appointments and managing treatment easy. Remote care sessions can be attended on your personal computer, tablet or even your smartphone. This can make it easier to attend frequent appointments.

  • Cost-effectiveness — Want to receive quality care and save money? Virtual physical therapy may be the answer. Remote sessions can be 47% cheaper while offering the same clinical expertise. This can help make treatment affordable and help you reap the benefits of care.

  • Easy progress tracking — Digital tools come with many benefits. One advantage of digital technology is progress tracking. With specialized digital tools, you can watch your health progress. This can be especially helpful for patients using physical therapy for rehabilitation. A reliable online clinician can use these tools to measure care outcomes. This can help them to modify treatment plans as needed.

  • Increased motivation — There are many difficulties that can arise on a physical therapy journey. Recovery and health improvement can be long and hard processes. Motivation can be important for adhering to a treatment plan over time. With remote providers, you can have regular check-ins and receive frequent encouragement. Remote communication can also make it easier to ask questions and seek clarification. Doing physical therapy in the comfort of your own home can also make it easier to stay motivated.

  • Enhanced privacy — Privacy is a major concern for many people. Medical issues can be especially sensitive topics. This is part of why health care privacy regulations are legally enforced. With virtual care, you can add another level of privacy to your experience. Online services are password protected for your safety. In addition, exercises can be completed from the privacy of your home.

  • Engaging home environment — The home environment can be a great space for physical therapy. As a patient, it is important that you are comfortable in the space where you participate in physical therapy. Receiving guidance in your home can help maintain this comfort. Remote clinicians can also show you how to improve your home furnishings with ergonomic design. Adding accessible and ergonomic features to your home can help improve health.

  • Time efficiency — Online physical therapy can save time. With no waiting room or commute, appointments can be completed much more quickly. This can be helpful for patients with busy schedules. It can also help patients who find it difficult to allocate long periods of time. The efficiency of virtual treatment means you can receive the same guidance in a more condensed period.

  • Continuity of care — Your health care experience can come through many routes. Your path to improved health can include doctors and pharmacists in addition to physical therapy clinicians. Because of this, sometimes it can be difficult to make sure that physical therapy does not interfere with other health care. One advantage of virtual physical therapy is allowing for a seamless continuity of care. If you are already working through a rehabilitation process, virtual therapy can help you continue without interruption. This can be helpful for patients transitioning from in-person therapy or medical care.

Get worthwhile care with Agile Virtual Physical Therapy

At Agile Virtual Physical Therapy, our patients come first. We understand that people want quality physical therapy without high costs. Our expert team of licensed clinicians has worked to make this option a reality. With treatment options for a wide range of issues, there is a great chance we can help you. The Agile Virtual PT team is ready to help you take the next step in improving your health.

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.