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Can I Do Physical Therapy at Home?

Woman doing physical therapy at home

Like many other activities that have transitioned to being remote, people are curious if physical therapy can be performed successfully at home. The short answer is yes! Effective physical therapy is possible from home. In order to get the most benefit out of your virtual physical therapy experience, consider the following before, during, and after your at-home physical therapy treatment. 

Things to avoid during physical therapy at home

The goal of physical therapy is to decrease pain, increase mobility and flexibility, and generally improve the way a person’s body feels and operates. In order to achieve these goals with at-home physical therapy, we recommend avoiding the following:

Aggressive stretching, poses, or treatments for undiagnosed problems

People want results fast. And as tempting as it is to jump into some hardcore stretches right off the jump, you should ease your body into new stretches and exercises to avoid doing more harm than good. 

More does not equal better

Once you’ve found a great telehealth physical therapist, they’ll create a specific treatment plan for your ailment. They’ll typically provide a number of sets and repetitions for each exercise. Stick to those sets and repetitions and don’t go beyond them. You risk overexerting muscles, tendons, and tissue that need to recover.

Push past pain

Pain does not necessarily equal gain. Once you’ve consulted with an educated and licensed physical therapist, they’ll speak to you on what pain to expect, if any, from your treatment and how to manage it. Worsening pain is a red flag you should keep note of and alert your PT to if it’s ongoing past your treatment plan. 

Things to do during physical therapy at home

Once you’ve found a telehealth physical therapist you like and trust, follow their advice and guidance to receive the best results. Additionally, these a few things you can do to improve your virtual PT experience:

Be conservative

Home treatments, like ice, heat, and gentle stretching are less likely to cause pain or worsen any existing problems, even if you’ve misidentified the issue. Another conservative treatment option is rest: you’re less likely to cause any further damage if you rest the affected area or take a few days off from normal recreational activities. 

Found a telehealth provider you trust

The internet is full of self-help videos, articles, and all kinds of information on the stretches and exercises you should do to relieve pain. Some may help your condition. But if you’re experiencing a nagging problem, it’s best to consult a professional opinion. The physical therapists at Agile Virtual PT are all licensed and educated, and provide proven results. 93% of patients report a decrease in pain and our satisfaction scores are world-class. 

We are experienced at providing home-care programs and will design a custom treatment plan to address your issue. Schedule a free screening to live life without pain!