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Women’s physical therapy: Virtual PT available

woman participating in virtual physical therapy

Physical therapy can be a vital component of women’s health care. With the variety of unique health challenges women can face, care tailored to women’s health is important, and physical therapy is one option that can offer convenient and effective treatments. Telehealth physical therapy is now also available as a popular treatment route. With tele physical therapy, you can receive treatment that is faster and less expensive than in-person clinics. Understanding how virtual PT can address your health concerns is a great step in finding care that is right for you.

How virtual physical therapy can address common women’s health concerns


  • Pelvic pain — Pelvic pain is one of the most common health concerns faced by women. This kind of pain can have many different external or internal causes. Conditions like pelvic floor dysfunction are frequently associated with pelvic pain. Virtual physical therapy can help alleviate this pain through exercise guidance and other techniques. A licensed clinician may begin with an assessment of your pelvic floor muscle function. After this, they can create a custom exercise program to effectively restore function where you need it.

  • Prenatal and postpartum care — Pregnancy and childbirth can be highly rewarding, but they often come with special difficulties. Virtual physical therapy can offer valuable support as you navigate these times of major change. One benefit of physical therapy is education on techniques to relieve pregnancy-related discomfort. Prenatal care can make the long process of pregnancy easier to manage. Later, postpartum sessions can focus on overall recovery. This may include pelvic floor rehabilitation and abdominal strengthening practices.

  • Upper back pain — Women can experience upper back pain from many different sources. Poor posture, desk work and muscular imbalances can all lead to upper back pain. Physical therapy can address these problems at the root. If your daily work is a central cause of upper back pain, a licensed clinician can help you apply ergonomic solutions to your environment. An ergonomic assessment of your workstation can be conducted virtually to optimize your space. Clinicians can also demonstrate corrective exercises and posture modifications to minimize pain as you interact with the world. With a range of tools at your disposal, you can work toward upper back pain relief through virtual physical therapy.

  • Lower back pain — The lower part of the back, also called the lumbar region, can be vulnerable to aches and pains. This kind of pain is a common concern among women. Through virtual physical therapy aimed at improving women’s health, you can work with a specialist to create a personalized treatment program to directly address your lower back pain with techniques designed to alleviate pain and improve spinal stability. You can also learn about healthy lifting techniques and posture with virtually delivered education.

  • Core weakness — Core weakness is a condition that can contribute to other issues like lower back pain and poor posture. Bad balance and general torso weakness are common symptoms. If you find it difficult to stand up and sit down, you may have weak core muscles. Fortunately, virtual physical therapy can help. Physical therapy specialists can guide you through exercises that target deep core muscles. This can improve stability in the areas that support your spine. Techniques for effectively engaging your core can be taught through convenient virtual sessions. Physical therapy treatments designed to improve women’s health can be included. This can make sure you receive care tailored to your needs.

  • Muscle spasms — Virtual physical therapy can provide women with the tools they need to manage their health. This includes addressing muscle spasms, a common issue women face. With relaxation techniques and stretches to release tension, physical therapy can improve overall muscle health. Healthier muscles are less likely to have spasms in the future. Strategies for self-care and lifestyle modifications to reduce spasms can also be discussed with virtual physical therapy specialists.

Agile Virtual Physical Therapy can address women’s health needs

Physical therapy treatments are not meant to be applied to everyone in the same way. Different people have different needs. Women can benefit from physical therapy tailored to their particular health needs. Virtual physical therapy is designed to provide accessible and effective treatments. With its many benefits, virtual PT can revolutionize women’s health care. At Agile Virtual Physical Therapy, we take pride in providing industry-leading care to our patients. Our techniques can treat a range of women’s health concerns, from prenatal care to lumbar pain. Patients at Agile have reported an 83% decrease in pain after their prescribed treatments. When you use our virtual services, you can see this kind of change in your own life.

Contact our team today for more women’s health information or to schedule an initial appointment.