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What to expect from virtual care with a physical therapist

Virtual Care

Will it be able to treat my pain effectively? Am I going to have trouble getting into the session? These are just some of the questions that you may be asking yourself if you don’t know what to expect from virtual care or telehealth services.

Telehealth services are a category of medical services that involve working with a medical professional via the internet, and it actually did exist before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this life-changing event has pushed more people into trying this type of medical care. One increasingly popular type of virtual care is virtual physical therapy (PT).

Four things you can expect from virtual care from a physical therapist

Virtual care that comes from a physical therapist is commonly referred to by many names. Some call it virtual PT; others call it telehealth PT or tele PT. All of these names refer to a service that allows you to work with a physical therapist over a secure online video feed. A few of the things you can expect from a virtual PT session include:

  1. Reduced pain — Many people are willing to give virtual PT a shot because just leaving the house is painful for them. Fortunately, tele PT can be very effective for many different types of pain. One virtual PT provider found that 93% of their patients reported reduced pain after working with a physical therapist virtually.
  2. Decreased aggravation — Getting all worked up doesn’t really do much to help your pain. But trying to get an in-person medical appointment can be very aggravating. You might end up on hold for a while. Then, you’ll likely learn that the earliest available appointment is weeks or even months away. Fortunately, tele PT providers can help reduce this type of aggravation. In many cases, it can be 60% faster to sign up for a tele PT session than for an in-person PT appointment.
  3. Shortened recovery time — No one wants to endure a recovery process that takes forever. Physical therapy is well known to help reduce recovery times for many different types of injuries. Virtual PT carries on this tradition. This service can often decrease the total number of visits required to treat your issue by 32%.
  4. Reduced costs — Tele PT can also cost significantly less than traditional physical therapy and other medical services. Some patients find that they get a 47% cost savings per episode of care.


Find out more about virtual care with a physical therapist at Agile Virtual PT

Ready to try virtual care with a top-notch physical therapy team? Our Agile Virtual PT team offers just what you’re looking for. Our team of clinicians has experience working one-on-one with people virtually. We’re also certified to help people who are experiencing pain in 36 U.S. states currently, and our team works hard to provide you with each of the benefits discussed above. You can even do a free online screening with us to find out if virtual PT is a good fit for you.

Contact our team today for more information about the issues we can help you address or to schedule an initial virtual appointment.