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How can virtual physical therapy help with your cancer treatment?

Hip Pain During Pregnancy

Most people probably know someone who has dealt with some form of cancer. There is even a good chance that you have dealt or are dealing with it yourself. Neither of those things is surprising when you consider that an estimated 1.9 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in 2021. 

If you or someone you know is currently in cancer treatment, virtual physical therapy, or virtual rehab, can do a lot to help. 

Four ways virtual physical therapy can help those in cancer treatment

Virtual physical therapy may not be something that cancer patients have considered before. Having a secure, Skype-like video call with a physical therapist? What good can that do? Here are a few of the ways that virtual physical therapy can help those dealing with cancer: 

  1. Save you time and energy — Cancer treatment is an exhausting and time-consuming process. It also makes it harder to find time and energy to spend on other activities, such as physical therapy. Virtual rehab can help you save both time and energy. You don’t have to get yourself to a physical therapy clinic or waste time driving there. You can simply sign into your video session from your own home and work with your physical therapist.
  1. Help you prepare for and recover from surgery — There is a good chance that your cancer treatment will involve some type of surgery. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center reports that 60% of cancer patients have surgery at some point in their treatment process. Virtual rehab can help you prepare your body for surgery, and it can also help cancer patients meet many post-surgery goals, including: 
  • Addressing post-surgical movements issues. 
  • Helping you reduce pain after surgery. 
  • Managing incision healing. 
  • Helping to minimize scarring. 
  1. Fight fatigue — Fatigue is one of a cancer patient’s worst foes. You can partner with virtual physical therapists to fight back against fatigue. How? By improving your ability to move. Your virtual rehab clinician can do so by helping you strengthen your muscles. They can also work with you to boost your immune system and ease stiffness in your joints. Taking such steps can allow you to move about more often, more easily and while using less energy. And, people who move around more are less likely to develop cancer-related fatigue. 
  1. Lick lymphedema — A buildup of fluid in an arm or a leg is common in many cancer patients. This condition is called lymphedema, and one medical study on breast cancer patients reports that 33% of them developed lymphedema. People with this issue tend to have increased difficulty moving the affected limb normally. Virtual rehab specialists can help address cancer-related lymphedema and its symptoms by showing you ways to naturally reduce fluid buildup in the affected limb. 

Get in touch with Agile Virtual Physical Therapy for help with your cancer treatment

Seeking effective virtual physical therapy to help you address cancer-related issues? You can find that help at Agile Virtual Physical Therapy. Our 400+ clinicians are licensed to help cancer patients across 45 U.S. states. They can form a partnership with you that can give a solid boost to your overall cancer treatment, and our clinicians can do so by using a PT program that’s unique to your needs. 

Contact our team today for more information about our oncology physical therapy services or to schedule an initial virtual appointment.