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Four mistakes you want to avoid during your telehealth physical therapy appointment

Telehealth Physical Therapy

There are many reasons that people seek out telehealth physical therapy, or virtual PT. Some have children keeping them busy and can’t make time for an in-person therapy session. Other people are wary of going to a brick-and-mortar therapy clinic because of COVID concerns. 


No matter what reason you’ve chosen to do virtual PT, there are some things you should know about it. First of all, virtual PT is a technology-based service. It typically involves meeting with a physical therapist over a secure online video feed. In addition, you should know what to avoid so that your telehealth physical therapy session will run as smoothly as possible. 




Avoiding these four mistakes can help your telehealth physical therapy session run smoothly


You might be a little apprehensive if you’re new to telehealth physical therapy appointments. Your physical therapist and the platform they use will do their best to ensure a smooth visit. Yet there are also some common mistakes that you can avoid to help ensure a worry-free session. Four of the mistakes you should try to avoid are: 


  1. Logging in exactly on time — Much like going to an in-person appointment, it’s a good idea to get there early. Most virtual PT sessions will be set up so that you can get in up to 15 minutes early. Trying to log in early gives you time to troubleshoot a problem if one does pop up. 


  1. Not checking your equipment — There are several pieces of equipment you’ll need for a virtual PT session. These include a:


  • Computer or smartphone
  • Functioning camera
  • Functioning microphone


It’s a good idea to check that each of these items is operating correctly before your session begins. That will allow you to deal with any issues before the session and not waste your session time getting your equipment up and running. 


  1. Using a space that’s too small — Often, your virtual therapist will ask you to perform movement tests. These tests help them diagnose your condition and formulate a therapy plan. They may also have you perform some therapy exercises. 


Neither of these things will be possible if the space you’re using for the session is too small to move around. This is why it’s a good idea to check that you can move around easily in your space prior to the session. 


  1. Failing to address distractions beforehand — There are many things in your home that can distract you from your virtual PT session. Unattended children or pets can be especially distracting, and distractions can reduce the effectiveness of your session. 


For this reason, you should treat virtual PT sessions much like in-person sessions and take steps such as: 


  • Informing work colleagues, friends and family members of the session to avoid phone calls. 
  • Finding someone to watch your children during your session. 
  • Placing pets in another room before the session begins. 




Find effective telehealth physical therapy from Agile Virtual PT


Looking for effective telehealth physical therapy? Our team at Agile Virtual PT is primed to help you find the top-notch therapeutic care you’re searching for. Our virtual therapy platform is staffed by 400+ licensed clinicians. These specialists can help diagnose the issue causing your symptoms, and they can build you a personalized therapy plan designed to reduce your symptoms. 


Contact our team today for more information about all the issues we can help treat or to schedule an initial appointment.