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Wrist Pain

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Treating Wrist Pain with Virtual PT

If you suffer from wrist pain, an experienced physical therapist can help improve mobility and ease pain. Our licensed PTs are motion experts who can help increase your ability to carry objects, straighten and flex the wrist, decrease numbness and tingling, and more.

An Agile physical therapist will begin treatment by going through a full evaluation that will test your range of motion, level and location of pain, past history, and any underlying conditions. After forming a diagnosis, your virtual PT will create a customized treatment plan to address your wrist pain. Your virtual physical therapy treatment may include exercises to improve strength and function, scar management, or education on appropriate posture.

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What to Expect from Virtual PT for Wrist Pain

In order to see the most improvement from your virtual physical therapy care, it’s crucial to be active and engaged in the program. Stick to the exercises prescribed to help strengthen and improve your wrists as your pain decreases. Your virtual PT will tell you how to perform these exercises at home, and they will monitor your progress on each call.

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More Informaton About Wrist Pain

Five issues that virtual physical therapy for wrist pain can treat

Did you ever stop and think about how often you move your wrists every day? On a normal day, the answer to this question is probably no, but you may be completely aware of every wrist movement on a day when you’re experiencing wrist pain. The wrist is a complex joint, and its complexity is […]

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Treating Aches and Pains at Home with Virtual Physical Therapy

Are you consistently sore or achey? Do you have recurring pain that flares up in your neck, back, or knees? 1 in 5 Americans suffer from some level of chronic pain. Those numbers can certainly be distressing, but the good news is that virtual physical therapy can help.  Virtual physical therapy is easy to use, […]

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