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Treating Shoulder Pain with Virtual PT

Shoulder pain can be experienced due to multiple causes, but an educated, virtual physical therapist can ease your shoulder pain. Our licensed PTs are motion experts who will help improve your shoulder’s mobility while decreasing pain and discomfort. An Agile physical therapist will begin treatment by going through a full evaluation that will test your range of motion, level and location of pain, past history, and any underlying conditions.

After forming a diagnosis, your virtual PT will create a customized treatment plan to address your shoulder pain, while simultaneously increasing your flexibility and shoulder mobility. Oftentimes, stretching the shoulder is an important part of treating shoulder pain. Stretching exercises can help loosen muscles around the shoulder joint. It’s important to remember that strengthening exercises should only be performed after joint mobility, range of motion, and stability have been achieved.

man stretching his shoulder with an elastic band
woman doing physical therapy exercises at home

What to Expect from Virtual PT for Shoulder Pain

In order to see the most improvement from your virtual physical therapy care, it’s crucial to be active and engaged in the program. Stick to the exercises prescribed to help strengthen and improve your shoulder as your pain decreases.

Your virtual PT will tell you how to perform these exercises at home, and they will monitor your progress on each call. In addition to exercises, your PT may also recommend cold therapy or electrical nerve stimulation.

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