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Three neck pain causes that virtual PT offers treatment for

woman with neck pain

Feeling neck pain is an experience that far too many people are familiar with, but virtual physical therapy can help you find treatment for many different causes of neck pain.

Just how many people experience neck pain? Medical study findings indicate that 5.8% of women and 4% of men are experiencing neck pain at any given point in time. That may not seem like a lot. However, applying those percentages to current U.S. population statistics reveals that nearly 32.6 million Americans are living with neck pain right now. Virtual PT clinicians offer treatment for neck pain causes like:

  1. Posture problems

How you hold your neck and head throughout the day is what we mean by posture. Ideally, your posture should be to keep your head centered roughly over your shoulders for most of the day. The reality is that many people tend to crane their head and neck forward for hours at a time, and this is often a result of working on a laptop or doing things on a cellphone. This type of poor posture stresses out your neck muscles, which can lead to neck pain that requires treatment.

2. Neck muscle injuries

Your neck muscles help move and balance your head. They also help keep your cervical spine in the correct position. Getting into a car accident or a collision while playing sports can lead to whiplash, which can strain a neck muscle. Repetitively moving your head and neck can also cause such an injury.

3. Osteoarthritis

The neck may not be the first thing you think of upon hearing the term “osteoarthritis,” but the tiny joints in your neck, called facet joints, can wear out just as easily as your knee or hips. Medical research also shows that neck osteoarthritis is a common issue. One study reports that over 85% of people who are older than 60 have this condition. Common symptoms of neck osteoarthritis include neck pain and decreased neck range of motion.

Agile Virtual PT offers effective treatment for these and other neck pain causes

Ready to find virtual PT that is an effective treatment option for the source of your neck pain? Look no further than our team at Agile Virtual PT. You can find help from our team in 41 states, and our 400+ licensed clinicians are ready to help you address your pain. Just how well can we help with your pain? Our data shows that 93% of our patients had a decrease in their pain after virtual PT with us.

Contact our team today for more information about our neck pain treatment options or to schedule a free virtual screening to start addressing your pain.