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How long does whiplash take to heal and can virtual PT treat it?

Pain between shoulder blades


Whiplash is a painful condition that is most commonly caused by car accidents. It occurs when the head is thrown violently in one direction then the other. This abrupt motion can cause the soft tissue in the neck to tear if it is stretched beyond its normal range. The symptoms of whiplash can last long after an accident has taken place.

Are you wondering how long it takes for whiplash to heal? While whiplash can frustrate people by being a long-lasting condition, physical therapy can help provide you relief. Through virtual physical therapy, you can seek effective treatment in the comfort of your own home.

How long does whiplash usually take to heal?

The recovery outlook for whiplash will depend on the severity of the condition. Most mild cases may resolve in a few days following an accident. However, more severe cases of whiplash can last weeks or even months. Physical therapy can help manage the neck pain caused by whiplash through targeted techniques.

How can virtual PT help treat whiplash?

An Agile physical therapist will begin your treatment by evaluating the severity of your whiplash. They will do this by testing your neck’s range of motion and areas of pain. This allows the physical therapist to determine the most effective approach for treatment. They can then create a personalized treatment plan to help:

  • Manage pain from whiplash.
  • Improve neck flexibility.
  • Increase the range of motion for your head and neck.

Some of the most effective treatments for whiplash include specific exercises for strengthening your neck muscles. By strengthening your neck muscles, you can reduce the strain and tension in your soft tissue caused by the accident. Your virtual physical therapist will instruct you in performing these exercises at home. They will continue to evaluate your progress with these techniques throughout the virtual sessions. They may also recommend stretching techniques for reducing tension in your neck that may contribute to whiplash pain.

Are you seeking relief from your whiplash symptoms? Our Agile Virtual PT team can help

Are you suffering from whiplash and wondering how long it takes to heal? Our Agile Virtual PT team is made up of more than 400 licensed clinicians who are ready to help treat you today. Our team is experienced in treating neck pain. You can get your virtual PT started with a free virtual screening. Contact our team today for more information about whiplash or to schedule an initial virtual PT appointment to start reducing your pain.