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How can virtual physical therapists help you maintain physical wellness?

Lower Back Pain While Running

How can virtual physical therapists help you maintain physical wellness?

Most of us don’t hesitate to see a medical professional when there is no doubt something is wrong. You likely haven’t seen many people shrugging off a broken leg or severe sciatica, for instance. Far fewer of us are willing to see a doctor or physical therapist to maintain physical wellness.

Americans just don’t seem to be inclined to use preventive medical services. This is illustrated by a national medical survey that found only 8% of U.S. adults used all the appropriate preventive services. Physical therapists are hoping to change that. One way they’re doing this is by offering physical wellness services through virtual visits.

Virtual physical therapy can help maintain your physical wellness in these four ways

1. Providing continuous care — There are some conditions that cannot be wholly cured. Examples include osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. To maintain peak physical wellness, physical therapists can provide you with continuous virtual care for chronic conditions. These virtual visits offer you the chance to speak with a medical professional regularly. They help keep you from physically having to go to a PT clinic every few weeks, too.

2. Preventing future injuries — Working with a virtual physical therapist periodically can also help prevent future injuries. For one thing, your physical therapist can regularly assess your movement. This can help them identify underlying issues like muscle imbalances or decreased flexibility before they morph into more serious issues. They can even show you therapeutic exercises to help build your strength or boost your overall physical wellness.

3. Recovering from pregnancy — Many women go into a pregnancy understanding that their body will face many challenges. Hip pain, back pain and pelvic pain are just a few of these challenges. There is often less attention paid to the period after pregnancy. Yet this is when seeing a physical therapist regularly can be very helpful. Your physical therapist can meet with you virtually and help you rebuild pelvic and lower back strength after your pregnancy.

4. Boosting athletic performance — Some people may just want some regular help improving their athletic performance and maintaining their physical wellness. A virtual physical therapist can help with this. They can help you catch pre-injury indicators and help you address them before they blow up into an injury. If you are injured, you’ll already have a physical therapist whom you trust to help you recover.

Work with Agile Virtual PT to improve and maintain your physical wellness

Wondering where you can find virtual physical therapists who can help you meet these physical wellness goals? Look no further than our team at Agile Virtual Physical Therapy. We offer free virtual screenings that can assess your current wellness level. In addition, our physical therapists are experts at creating wellness programs that are personalized to fit your specific needs.

Contact our team today for more information about how we can help boost or maintain your wellness or to schedule your initial appointment.