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6 ways employee health can benefit from access to virtual PT

Employee Health

The physical health of an employee is a crucial factor in the productivity of any organization. It seems as though the sicker employees are, the more they are likely to miss work or feel under the weather, leading to a high rate of absenteeism. The U.S. economy loses $84 billion a year because of absenteeism.


What unhealthy factors negatively affect employee health?

Being at work is good for our health. It keeps us mentally and physically active and provides us with a sense of purpose, well-being and community.

Here are five ways employee health can become fragile:

  • Personal health issues — Health issues such as illness, injury, or stress can easily affect employee engagement and productivity. Employees must have quick access to health care services and resources, including sick pay and disability benefits.
  • Extended work hours — Working too many hours isn’t just a problem because of the stress involved. It also means less time for sleep and exercise, leading to fatigue and weight gain.
  • Lack of work-life balance — Employees who feel stressed about juggling their personal and professional responsibilities may find it challenging to focus on their jobs, and do a quality job. 
  • Lack of exercise — When people work at home, they don’t get out as much, which leads to a sedentary lifestyle that’s bad for their health. Employees should be encouraged to get out more frequently and exercise regularly during the day, even if it’s just walking around the block.
  • Inflexible leave policies — While this is not an issue at every company, workers who lack control over their work schedules often report poor health outcomes as a result of not being able to take leave when they need to.

How can Agile Virtual PT benefit my employees’ health?

Access to a virtual physical therapist can help improve your employees’ health and well-being, improve their productivity, and reduce care costs. Here are six ways that employee health can benefit from access to virtual PT:

  • More convenience — Virtual physical therapy provides new convenience and flexibility for employees. Instead of driving to a physical therapist’s office during business hours, they can receive treatment at home on their own schedule. They can engage with their physical therapist over video chat or by submitting photos and other information through an app.
  • More control over care plans — Virtual PT gives employees more control over their care plans. The collaborative model of virtual physical therapy empowers patients by enabling them to set goals, track progress, perform exercises at home and provide feedback in between sessions. This helps them take responsibility for their care and understand their role in getting better faster.
  • No geographic barriers — Virtual PT helps eliminate geographic obstacles for patients who may live far from a physical therapy office or have limited mobility from an injury. In addition to providing greater convenience, this reduces transportation costs for employees. 
  • Flexibility — By providing access to virtual PT, you can give your employees a flexible option for receiving treatment at times that work best with their schedule. This means you won’t have to worry about employees missing important meetings or projects because they are trying to squeeze in an appointment during work hours.
  • Affordability — Virtual PT provides a more affordable alternative for employees who may not have insurance or who want an option that doesn’t require copays or deductibles.
  • Getting in some movement during their workday — A lot of employees have desk jobs these days. They spend hours sitting at a computer without moving around very much. That means they risk developing pain and stiffness in their necks, shoulders, and backs — which can be distracting and make it harder to get work done. A virtual physical therapy session could include advice for your employees on how to stretch at their desk or do simple movements throughout the day.


Agile Virtual PT helps your employees’ health with a cost-effective approach

Agile Virtual PT offers ideal accessibility and convenience that allow employees to complete their exercises and therapy sessions without leaving work premises. Ultimately, the bottom line is that Agile Virtual PT is easy for everyone to access, from individuals to organizations of any size.


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