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4 Reasons to Use Telehealth Physical Therapy

woman stretching with elastic band

Telehealth physical therapy is a great solution for people unable to get to a clinic, are afraid to go because of the pandemic, or are interested in the convenience of physical therapy from home. Telehealth PT is a live, one-on-one virtual appointment with a licensed physical therapist from the comfort of your own home. 

If you’re considering telehealth physical therapy, the following reasons might convince you. 

1. Accessibility

Telehealth physical therapy allows patients to connect with a licensed physical therapist from anywhere with an internet connection. WIth Agile Virtual PT, our team is the largest national platform for telehealth physical therapy in the country. This dramatically increases the odds that Agile can pair you with a licensed physical therapist who has the background to treat and prescribe customized treatments for your condition. 

2. Individual Safety 

COVID-19 is still a limiting factor to receive in-clinic treatment. Telehealth physical therapy helps bridge this gap while keeping patients and clinicians safe. Both parties can connect over a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to complete their sessions while remaining socially distant. 

3. Individualized Care

Every patient who schedules an appointment with Agile Virtual PT receives treatment from a licensed physical therapist. Moreover, each patient will see the same therapist for every visit. This helps build a relationship between the two parties ensuring a greater success rate for the patient. Agile’s most common patients include those who have been hampered by or are interested in improving: 

•General Ortho 

•Post-Op Surgery

•Women’s Health




•Pelvic Health






•Sports Medicine


Our patients turn to Agile to increase flexibility, reduce pain, recover from surgery, and much more. 

4. Success Rates

Agile Virtual PT sees a high percentage in decrease in pain among patients who stick to telehealth virtual therapy. In fact, 93% of patients saw decrease in pain after virtual PT care. Agile Virtual PT has not only reduced costs but has also decreased the total visits needed per episode of care by 32%. Combined with improved outcomes, this decrease results in greater care efficiency.

Who can schedule an appointment for telehealth physical therapy?

As we mentioned above, people interested in general wellness, recovering from surgery, women dealing with pelvic health, pregnancy, or postpartum, and many others can all schedule an appointment and benefit from telehealth physical therapy. We’re in network with most major insurance providers and we do accept direct payment as well. 

What equipment do I need for a telehealth physical therapy appointment?

Patients will need a computer, tablet, or smartphone that has a video camera and microphone. You’ll also need a working email address to confirm the appointment and initially communicate with a virtual PT.

Agile Virtual PT can quickly find a virtual physical therapist who can create a customized treatment plan for your needs. Schedule an appointment today to live life pain free.