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Our Challenge

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, the parent company of Agile Virtual PT, wanted to take a forward-thinking, innovative approach to patient care by creating a virtual clinic that could serve patients, partners, and employer groups with even greater convenience and flexibility. The virtual clinic would allow Alliance to optimize patient care with the right balance of virtual and in-person visits for each patient. The challenge was to do so in a way that improved patient outcomes and the patient experience at a lower cost than traditional in-person visits alone.

Our Solution

MedBridge helped Alliance take full advantage of the MedBridge Digital Patient Engagement Solution to create its comprehensive Agile Virtual PT clinic, which Alliance was able to integrate with in-person visits to better meet the needs of its patients. The Agile Virtual PT clinic, which leverages MedBridge Telehealth Virtual Visits and MedBridge Home Exercise Program, allows Alliance clinicians to:

• Conduct secure virtual patient consultations with a platform that’s easy to use for clinicians and patients.
• Provide patients with engaging home exercises customizable for each patient’s condition.
• Stream exercises in real time during telehealth sessions.

47% reduction in cost per episode

93% of patients have less pain

98% of patients have made functional improvements

Our Results

Since partnering with MedBridge, Alliance has seen:

Reduced Cost Per Episode of Care
For Alliance patients who receive a hybrid mix of virtual care and in-person visits, the cost per episode of care has decreased by 47 percent.

Reduced Pain and Better Function
Alliance patients using virtual care have consistently experienced substantial improvements in pain and functionality. For patients using a combination of in-person and virtual visits, 93 percent have seen a decrease in pain and 98 percent who completed an episode of care have made functional progress towards their goals.

Fewer Visits
Virtual care with the MedBridge Patient Engagement Solution has not only reduced costs but has also decreased the total number of patient visits needed per episode of care by 32 percent. Combined with improved outcomes, this decrease has resulted in greater care efficiency and the potential to increase patient volume while keeping quality high and minimizing costs.

Shorter Wait Time
With the Agile Virtual PT clinic, patients are able to get the care they need more quickly. The average wait time for telehealth visits is 60 percent faster than for in-person visits, which has allowed clinicians more rapid access to their patients and has helped improve the overall patient experience.

High Patient Satisfaction
Alliance patients using Telehealth Virtual Visits and MedBridge Home Exercise Program have reported high satisfaction with the flexibility, convenience, and quality of care they’ve received. Results have included an NPS® score of 86 and a telehealth survey score of 4.5 out of 5.

  • Lowered cost per episode of care for patients with Digital Care Delivery Solution, resulting in better care efficiency.
  • Improved patient outcomes with Home Exercise Program, including significantly reduced pain and better function.
  • Reduced visit wait times with Telehealth Virtual Visits, leading to improved quality of care and a better patient experience.

Looking Ahead

Having demonstrated that the hybrid care model is both highly effective and in demand due to its greater convenience, Alliance plans to continue developing and expanding the Agile Virtual PT clinic by offering it to all partners nationwide, adding an additional focus on wellness, fine-tuning the skills delivered via telehealth, tracking patient progress, refining the best levels of care for each patient, and optimizing its virtual care offering overall for the long term.

About Alliance Physical Therapy Partners

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is an extensive, multi-state network of physical therapy clinics across the U.S. It provides practice owners the opportunity to expand their footprint while receiving operational guidance and financial support. At Alliance, team members strive to develop a physical therapy network unsurpassed in quality through ongoing collaboration and by leveraging leading-edge technologies that help optimize patient wellness.